Almost everyone should take vitamin D in Minnesota!

Post by Stephani Waldron-Trapp, N.D.
February 1, 2016

Vitamin D is a very important nutrient for several functions in our body. It is necessary for bone development and strength, immune function, emotional balance, and the list goes on. If our vitamin D levels are low, we can experience low bone density (osteoporosis), frequent or prolonged illnesses, autoimmune conditions, depression, anxiety, fatigue, and more.

In Minnesota, vitamin D deficiency is an epidemic. I order nutrient tests all the time and find that vitamin D is one of the most common nutrient deficiencies in this area. Even when people are outside several hours a day, I find that when I test vitamin D levels, they are often low. It seems surprising, but we don’t absorb enough UVB rays from the sun between October and April here to make vitamin D in our bodies during these months. This leaves five months out of the year that we can actually make vitamin D from sun exposure, which is not quite enough to catch up after the winter and have enough to last through the next.

Most adults do well on 5000 IU of vitamin D per day and most children typically need 1000-2000 IU per day, depending on age and weight. However, some individuals need less and some need more.  The best way to determine the right dose is to have a vitamin D test, which is done through blood work. The most accurate test is called 25-Hydroxyvitamin D3 (25OHD3). Although, Vitamin D deficiency is not diagnosed until the levels are below 30, the optimal range is between 70 and 90.

We can get vitamin D from some food sources, although it is limited. The best way to get enough vitamin D is through supplementation. However, not all vitamin D supplements are good quality made with highly absorbable vitamin D. It is not uncommon to see vitamin D levels remain low, despite supplementation when the quality of the product is low. I carry several different professional quality vitamin D supplements that are highly absorbable.

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