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Registered Naturopathic Doctors have Adequate Education

Naturopathic doctors that have undergone adequate training are registered with the state of Minnesota. However, an individual can practice medicine without a license in Minnesota. This has both advantages and disadvantages.

  • The advantage is that it allows naturopathic doctors to practice under a registration number, like myself. It also allows other qualified health care providers, such as homeopathic doctors and massage therapists to practice in this state.
  • The disadvantage is that an individual can call themself a naturopath without ever having obtained the appropriate education.

How to Choose a Naturopathic Doctor in Minnesota

My recommendation to anyone seeking naturopathic medical advice is that you consider your potential naturopath’s education and background. For instance, some current practicing “naturopaths” do not hold a four-year naturopathic medical degree. Some are self-trained through “experience”, basic books or online courses. There are others, however, that have formal training like me. This formal training involves a four-year education in a program accredited for Naturopathic Medicine. Courses include herbal and homeopathic medicine, counseling, clinical nutrition, and more. We spend two years in clinical training, working one on one with patients and overseeing doctors to enrich our hands-on experience. Training culminates in national board exams that enable those who pass to practice as a primary care physician. In Minnesota, those that have passed these national board exams are registered with the state and practice under  Statute 147E for naturopathic doctors. “Naturopaths” who have not undergone adequate education are not eligible to take national board exams and practice under Statute 146A for complementary and alternative health care practices.

So when you are considering non-traditional medicine, please also compare the education and experience of each doctor you are considering. Look for someone who is registered as a naturopathic doctor with the state of Minnesota, like myself.

Contact Me, a Minnesota Registered Naturopathic Doctor, to Learn More

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