Co-Q-10 Helps Lower Blood Pressure!

Post by Stephani Waldron-Trapp, N.D.
November 1, 2015

Co-Q-10 is a molecule essential for energy production in the mitochondria or “power houses” of our cells. Since our heart muscle has a high need for energy because it never stops pumping, Co-Q-10 can be a beneficial supportive nutrient for this metabolic demand. Co-Q-10 has been shown to lower blood pressure, especially in the elderly. Co-Q-10 is a strong antioxidant as well, which is beneficial for the reduction of cardiovascular disease. It is also a nutrient that is necessary to take in conjunction with statins (a group of medications used to lower cholesterol) or red yeast rice (a natural statin in which prescription statins were created from) because statins deplete Co-Q-10.

Consider Co-Q-10 for cardiovascular support, energy production, and antioxidant benefits. During the month of November, Co-Q-10 will be 15 % off! Place your order today.

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