Stimulate Body Heat to Improve Immune Function!

Post by Stephani Waldron-Trapp, N.D.
January 23, 2016

Heating the body is a great way to enhance immune function.  It can be used as a detoxification procedure to rid the body of impurities as well. The effects of stimulating the immune system and enhancing detoxification can last several hours, depending on the type of treatment. I like to recommend hydrotherapy treatments (the use of water as therapy). Epsom salt baths are an easy home treatment for enhancing body temperature.

Epsom salt baths can be used and are nice because you are in full control of how high your temperature goes at all times. The goal is to induce a mild fever. Fevers are very healthy and are the body’s natural way to fight off infections. The high heat stimulates our immune system and kills micro-organisms (due to not being able to survive the heat). Epsom salt baths can be performed a couple times a week, to a few times a day, depending on the situation. Epsom salts are magnesium which relaxes muscles. For this reason, I recommend taking an Epsom salt bath at night, as it is a very calming experience.

Here’s what to do!

  1. Fill the bathtub with as warm as tolerable water.
  2. Pour in 3 cups espom salts
  3. Put a thermometer and a glass of room temperature water by the bathtub
  4. Fill a small bowl with ice cold water and place a washcloth in it. Keep this by the tub as well.
  5. Slowly immerse yourself into the water, trying to let the water go as high and cover as much of your body as possible. Keep your feet out of the water if you get too hot.
  6. Take your temperature every 3-5 minutes. The goal is for your temperature to rise to between 100 and 102 degrees Fahrenheit.
  7. Wring out the washcloth over the bowl of cold water and apply to head and face as needed.
  8. Soak for 15-30 minutes.
  9. Let the water drain as you stay in the tub.
  10. Once the water is fully drained, rinse with water as cold as tolerable for 30 seconds.

If your temperature goes higher than 102 or you begin to feel faint/unwell, cool down with cold water right away.

Some people do not tolerate this type of treatment. If you have any questions or try this treatment and do not feel well afterwards, it is an indication that your body needs further support. Please feel free to contact me for more information, I would be happy to make individualized recommendations for you.