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Supplements-300x220Please Continue Your Supplements

When I recommend products, I am typically recommending they be continued until we re-evaluate how you are doing. If I have recommended a product, and you need it refilled, it is best to place an order promptly, to avoid going too many days without it.

If you feel you are no longer in need of a product and have questions about this, please schedule a follow up for re-evaluation.

Supplements Are Not Created Equal

The products I recommend are professional quality and may or may not be substituted for ones that seem comparable by another company due to potential differences in ingredients and dosages. I am always willing to help you learn how to evaluate products based on their label. Please let me know if you have any questions about potential substitutions or reading a product label.

If you have questions about continuing previously recommended supplements or questions about placing an order in general, please reach out to me by calling me at 612-250-2804 or you can send me a message.